Zootopia Crime Files Offline

As of December 18th 2017, Disney has removed Zootopia Crime Files from various app stores. The developer behind the game, Hibernum, filed for bankruptcy and have shut down, so they can no longer support the game. We have archived the Android version of the Crime Files game so people can play the game after the content servers for the game go offline. This version can be played on almost any Android device, and Android emulators like BlueStacks to play on a PC.


Save Game

As of January 15 2018, the in app purchases for the game no longer function, as Hibernum has officially been shut down. To make this game more enjoyable and lessen the grind, we have released a save file that is right after the tutorial case with what should be more than enough currency to progress through the game with boosts.

Save Game Installation

Last revision: 6 Jul 2019